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Dance/ fitness hoops are your all round go everywhere do anything love to hula hoophula! They are a great introductory kids hoop, slightly weighted to help gain the hooping skill.


My recommend age would be 3 years - 6 years old for this hoop, who cannot already hoop or who have lower levels of co-ordination.


Kids younger than this will absolutely have a blast playing with the hoop, however in general our motor skill for hooping seems to develop more commonly from the age of 3+years. Kids 6 years plus may likely enjoy the adult sized hoops.


There are some amazing videos out there of activities and games that incorporate hula hoops to develop motor skills and coordination.


Crafted from high end durable, flexible New Zealand made 20mm diameter MDPE piping. This piping has been hand selected due to it’s incredible durability, strength yet perfect flex and responsiveness enabling the hoop to react quickly to your movements and create an even flow around your body for on & off the body hooping.


In the hoop world we measured in OD (outside diameter) and in inches. This hoop is approximately 30.5" OD and taped hollographic purple, teal blue and fluorescent orange.

30.5" OD | KIDS DANCE HOOP (n/b not collapsible)

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  • All hoops are hand crafted with the highest level of detail and dedication by myself a hoopsmith of over 7 years of hoopmaking experience.

    Each hoop is made with care and love, and considered a work of art. However please note hoops are handmade my myself a human and therefore all unique and some minimal sizing variances

    When your hoop arrives on your doorstep please double check it's in 100% tip top shape and exactly what you ordered. Exchanges are applicable only on 100% unused & unmarked hoops and are to be notified within 48hours of receipt.

    If a mistake has been made by FantailHoops, please contact me immediately, If it is found to be my mistake I will of course reinburse costs of return freight and ship out the corrected item.

    As all hoops are custom made to order there is no refunds or exchanges offered if you have changed your mind regarding colour ways or sizing of your hoop.