Who is FantailHoops?  

I'm me a lil ole hooper from Wanaka, Aotearoa!


Kia Ora I'm Jo, owner, operator, master Hoopmaker of FantailHoops!


I have been a hooper for 9 years and a Hoop maker for 7.


I make quality hand made hoops right here in NZ using NZ made piping and only quality tapes

My hoop journey started many moons ago whilst I was living and travelling in British Columbia , Canada. 

Working and living by the mighty Frazer River it was a tough task to go for a run (highway, railway and uh grizzly bears in yonder forest) I had dabbled in poi in my earlier years but needed something new and fun to satisfy my fitness and learning cravings, so ta da I bought my first hoop and  have been on the journey ever since!

I love nutting out teaching techniques and am a passionate hoop teacher, especially for beginners and people new to this amazing art.. Part of getting people involved is providing great quality hoops and hence my desire to become a hoopmaker back in 2012


I love LED and fire performing, but hoopmaking is my number 1 forte!


Since 2019, with other life focuses performing and teaching are on a time out but my creative fingers and mind relish creating circles of fun for all!

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